On behalf of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) we cordially invites you to participate in the bazaar section of the most amazing festival in Ottawa.

Eid Al-Alfitr Festival offers vendors, artisans, and exhibitors an excellent opportunity to sell or feature their goods and services to a wide and varied audience.

Every year, bazaar participants return to the festivals, and new companies are added to the list, excited to be a part of the lucrative events that are consistently expanding. In our last Eid event (2019), over 10,000 people attended each of our events, and this year’s events are expected to be bigger.

Spaces at the festival are arranged as 10’x10′ booths, that can be joined together to create larger spaces as required by the vender, and typically sell out well in advance of the event. We offer marketing to all bazaar participants before the festival (on our website) and during the event.

We offer very competitive fees and special discounts, prices will range from $350 up to $500 and discounts can reach 15% for reserving multiple booths.

So don’t miss this opportunity and come join us at Eid Al-Afitr festival which is expected to take place “Inshallah “on May 2nd, 2022 at the Ernst and Young Centre (EY Center), 4899 Uplands Dr, Ottawa, ON K1V 2N6, from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm.

Free admission, free parking. 1st prayer 9:00 am 2nd prayer 10:00 am, Inshallah

Note: MAC follows the Fiqh Council of North America, which utilizes the criteria of the European Council of Fatwa and Research (ECFR) in determining the first day of Ramadan and Eid.

Booth Prices:

  1. Corner location price is $500
  2. Standard booth price is $350
  3. A 15% discount is applied when you book 4 or more booths

Bazaar Booth Details:

  • Regular booths will consist of 1 table (72” x 30”) and 2 chairs, additional table can be requested at price of CAD $ 70
  • Corner booths will consist of 2 tables (72” x 30”) and 2 chairs, additional table can be requested at price of CAD $ 70
  • Booking for additional tables should be made at the same time of booth booking. Tables can’t be requested during the festival days.
  • Electrical outlets can be made available for all locations upon request, prior to the event and for an additional charges of CAD $ 150.
  • Booths will only be reserved and assigned once full payment has been received by MAC.
  • Booths are sold on first come first serve.
  • Booth fees can only be paid online. A reservation will only be considered complete upon receiving payment.
  • For Eid Festivals: The bazaar times are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Booth registration will be from 7:00 AM during Eid day, All booths setup should be done the day before the Eid, a separate email will be send later for booked vendors
  • This year all vendors, in the Bazaar section, will be asked to confirm, while booking their booth, (a) I will not sell any food or drinks at the Bazaar, (b) I will not share my booth with other vendors

Food Sale at Bazaar:

  • Food and drinks sale is not permitted at the bazaar and is limited to the food court only
  • Coffee, Pop-corn and cotton candy are not permitted at the Bazaar

Bazaar Terms and Conditions:

  1. All participants are required to fill in the online registration form & pay the associated fees through this link: https://form.jotform.com/ottawa/eid-al-fitr-2022-bazaar-booking
  2. Vendors are responsible for providing their names, company/organization name, contact information and/or website, and the nature of their business, and fill in the Vendor Registration Form (VRF).
  3. Vendors are allowed to sell their merchandise only in their designated area (within their booth). All vendors must confine their activities within their respective booths and should not obstruct neighboring booths. Also, vendors using audio/visual equipment must keep the volume low and be acceptable to neighboring vendors.
  4. Vendors are allowed to have flyers and business cards, and other promotional materials about their company/organization and products/services to pass out to customers only in their designated area. Participants are free to set up their area however way they see fit as long as it does not go past the bounds of their booth. Using clothing racks, small tables, shelves, and other accessories are permissible within their booth.
  5. Food and drinks sale is not permitted at the bazaar and is limited to the food court only
  6. All items displayed or sold in the bazaar must meet Islamic standards. Vendors selling vulgar, or religiously offensive items/materials will be asked to leave the festival. If unsure of your products, please contact the MAC Festival Team.
  7. Vendors must wear modest attires at all times at the convention.
  8. Due to safety concerns, no cars are allowed in the exhibition area for loading/unloading during the Eid day
  9. Wi-Fi will not be available for the bazaar section. Electricity is available for all locations only, and upon prior request.
  10. The space assigned to each booth vendor must be cleaned up after the bazaar is over.
  11. MAC is not responsible for any theft, damage, injury or any loss during the convention.
  12. Vendors will be responsible for any damage caused by them to the booth or any other property of the festival venue, including tables and chairs.
  13. MAC reserves the right to remove any vendor involved in un-Islamic activity, selling or distributing
anti-Islamic or pirated items, selling food and drinks and or sharing booth with another vendor
  14. Cancellations and refunds are not available once booking and payment are made
  15. Please contact us [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.